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Comic Department Location Map

Department introduction

(1) Department profile:

The department aims at cultivating "professional talents in comics-related fields". The courses cover three major areas: "comics", "game art" and "doll models". It combines solid comics basic drawing skills with modern digital technology applications to train students Professional skills in both aesthetics and creation. The Department actively organizes lectures, seminars and visits by domestic and foreign masters, and encourages students to conduct short-term overseas exchange students and international exchanges in order to achieve an international perspective and competitiveness. Students who take basic subjects such as professional design and art in the technical high school stage can link up with the relevant advanced courses of the department and become professionals in the field of cultural and creative in the digital age.

1. Students with the following characteristics are very suitable for studying in this department:
(1) Enthusiastic students who love comics, illustrations, game art, dolls and other fields.
(2) Students who have self-cultivation and potential for visual art aesthetics.

2. The scope of the department's review:
(1) Possess the basic Chinese ability of storytelling.
(2) Course records and practical works related to art or design.
(3) Possess learning outcomes, community participation, competitions, language examinations, or special excellent performances that help to understand personal characteristics or expertise, etc., any of them.

(2) Development focus and direction:

Since the establishment of the school in 1964, the art and design education has experienced family crafts, fine arts and crafts, interior design, visual communication design, commodity design, and fine arts. The most important thing is to be able to understand the trend of the times, look forward to the industry trend and have rich experience in running schools. The bid for the Department of Comic Studies is aimed at highlighting "cultural creativity" and jumping onto the international animation stage. This program is positioned as a "practical" comics department. It intends to feature hand-drawing (writing), originality, digitalization, and aesthetic literacy as educational features, integrating art, multimedia, visual communication design, beauty styling, product design and Using foreign language teachers, courses, and equipment, integrating hand-painted, digital, commodity, modeling, language and other course content, linking rich humanistic cultivation, the country's policy of promoting cultural and creative soft power, and integrating foreign successful teaching experience, to construct Taiwan's first and most complete The comprehensive comics education course aims to train comics professionals with "professional skills", "multiple abilities" and "international perspective", and to demonstrate the contribution of academic value in the cultural and creative market.

(3) Curriculum Planning Direction:

Taking the country's most complete "manga" professional courses as the main axis, most of the first-year curriculum design is compulsory courses, focusing on the basic ability construction of manga majors, with a consistent context from simple to complex. After freshmen go through the adaptation period and basic training in the first year of university, in the second year ~Fourth graders can gradually choose "Digital Cartoonist" and "Game Original Art Creation" according to their personal ability, expertise and future employment interests. Illustrator" and "Cartoon Model and Doll Designer" professional module courses gradually build up multiple abilities related to comics. Finally, through the "Studio Management" and "Graduation Production" courses in the second semester of the third grade, integrate, practice and demonstrate the learning results of each module.

(4) Fields of future career employment:

"Digital Cartoonist" career module:This module course is mainly to cultivate cartoonists who can use digital tools to create, and have the ability to publish paper and online serials.
"Game original painting creative painter" category module: This module course is mainly to cultivate illustrators and game original painters (also known as game art designers) with painting skills and styles.
"Model and Doll Designer" category module: This module course is mainly to cultivate comic character model and doll designers with 3D drawing and digital manufacturing mass production skills.